Thursday, October 15, 2009

Time out for a post-Katrina story

Well, if you put it that way, as a matter of fact I do want some fried chicken. Wanna make something of it?

Leah Chase: The embodiment of New Orleans determination
Many stories have been told about the devastation wrought by Katrina, and Leah Chase, who is 86, probably embodies the struggles of rebuilding as much as any other person.

It took two years, and help from friends and customers, before she could open a take-out window. And even today, her restaurant Dooky Chase is only open for lunch three days a week.
Yes, I'm glad to see people still kicking butt at 86. But I also like this part of the story, about the photos of G. W. Bush and Obama in her reconstructed, reopened restaurant:

At the end of the meal I asked about Obama and her eyes took on a joyous sheen as she practically sang his praises in her deep, rich voice.

I couldn't resist: "So you seem to be an equal opportunity cook," I said, as I drew attention to the other President [Bush II --ed.]. Her twinkle shifted a bit.

"He's a lovely man," she said. "He's invited me to the White House twice and he's such a gentleman." After a short pause she said: "However some men just find themselves in the wrong job."

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