Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm not at SxSW, but don't blame Texas

I've been sort of tuned in to South by Southwest since David Byrne spoke there in 2007 giving both elegy AND eulogy for the medium known as the CD.

This year, several people of my cyber-acquaintance have or had presences at SxSW 2010.

Bob Davis of (and will have a panel March 19:
Rich Vazquez of Lights. Camera. Help. had a panel March 13:
And Baratunde Thurston of Jack and Jill Politics (OK, a very tenuous cyber-acquaintance as I just comment over at his JJP turf) had a slide show, "How to Be Black (Online)," that you can see at a couple of places, including
I highly recommend checking out the slide show...

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