Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yes, Virginia, there is an Anita Hill

Mrs. Thomas jumped the shark credibility-wise quite a ways back, so one can only conjecture why she thought it a good idea to contact Anita Hill and dig up memories of the Clarence Thomas nomination hearings of 19 years ago. And instead of apologizing on behalf of her husband, she had the unmitigated gall to ask for an apology for HIll's testimony? Is she daft, or is it a setup two weeks before an election? Oh, where is my ballot? I'm voting early.

I have commented briefly elsewhere on this inanity, so let me just give a hat tip to NewBlackMan, and link to a Huffington Post article that may be the only good thing to come out of this minor media frenzy-- a reminder that harassment is not a one-time, isolated thing that just happens to people you don't know.

I Was Anita Hill
by Duchess Harris


CNu said...

there I was all hyped to tie into some juicy dishing on perpetration, and the duchess harris "story" just left me hanging...., dayyum!!!

CNu said...

Ah, here now are the juicy morsels pertaining to that nasty bastid.

a thorough, public, psychic colonoscopy seems a karmically appropriate wage for Thomas' level coonery, but then I'm mean like that....,

ProfGeo said...

Between Clarence Thomas and Juan Williams it's been a bad week for right-wing suck-up brothas, all right. In the words of the li'l French dude at the end of this cartoon classic... "Povre, povre pussycat!"

"The Two Mousketeers"

CNu said...

C'est la guerre!