Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why, Clearly, America has a Fighting President, not just a Black President*

Since Sunday night, May 1, when President Obama announced that Osama bin Laden had been killed, the tenor of media coverage everywhere has changed. Although some right-wingers are paying left-handed compliments to our left-handed President, at least they're compliments for the moment.

MSM have resurrected a few media zombies such as Paul Wolfowitz, Alan Dershowitz, Michael Steele (who never really disappeared) and let them take the bit in their teeth. There is some second-guessing over whether to release photographs of the body, but everything else is like water off a duck's back, a bit of unseemly but not unexpected quibbling.

There has been a lower-key response from the more peaceful and peaceable among us. Some with Buddhist perspective, most about the sanctity of life, most, I believe, a reaction to the finite-game, sports-victory home-team aspect of the "spontaneous" celebrations Sunday night. (Where did they get all those flags that late at night, anyway?)

But for the moment, the President is just the President. I choose to savor that part of it.

*This post's title is dedicated to Gene Wolfe.

1 comment: said...

Good Stuff ProfGeo. President Obama can only be a fighter if he's looked at by the white collective or some black folks as a thuggish gangsta!

And Bill Maher gets to deliver the gangsta news via the innanets!

This bastard called PBO wimps, pussies, weak, needs to be like of all people, GW Bush!




So now that PBO's taken out the birthers, Trump, and OBL in one fell swoop, whitey gets to decide he's not a fighter, but a fucking gangsta!

fuck Bill Maher!