Saturday, January 23, 2010

Counting Corporate Coup (We Just Got Tapped with the Stick)

From Prometheus 6 with due hat tip. There's a detailed post and active discussion there that support a meme I would like to spread. After the Supreme Court's 5-4 decision to expand the "free speech" "rights" of quite unreal "persons," I'm glad to see a constructive opinion that doesn't demand (in vain) that we all run out and amend the U.S. Constitution. In any case, I'd like to quote a sobbing anti-health care reform protester from the Summer of '09:

"I just want my America back."

On turning back the corporate coup

The Supreme Court's decision to remove all restrictions on corporate political spending has engendered the most cohesive national response seen since the 2008 national election. Yes, there are those that take the bizarre position that they "don't buy the idea that limiting corruption is a state interest sufficiently compelling to overcome the First Amendment interest in free speech". But most people were stunned, and the reaction from even media that would itself be freed by this decision ranged from Ruth Marcus' takedown of the hypocrisy of the decision to the Boston Globe's simple Corporations Are Not People. While a recent Gallup poll found public support for campaign finance law treating corporate donations the same as individuals' donations, 61% of Americans think the government should be able to limit the amount of money individuals can contribute to candidates and 76% think it should be able to limit the amount corporations or unions can give.

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