Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti: Time or Money

I was going to try to write something profound about the January 12 earthquake in Haiti. Instead, I'll just quote what a friend once told me about a family crisis: "You can put in time or money. Which will it be?"

Humanitarian organizations abound. Most are legit and most need support. Find one that comports with your worldview, vet it, and do what you can.

I'm partial to people who are on the ground in Haiti all the time, not just during crises when the cameras are rolling. My friend P6 says he'll probably go with Doctors Without Borders. I'm going with Partners in Health. Both organizations just show up and provide medical care, and ignore the naysayers who say that it can't be done, or that the problems are too big to solve.

You may prefer organizations such as the American Red Cross, which has already committed $1 million in resources from its International Response Fund.

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