Thursday, August 26, 2010

Michel Martin takes the floor and darn well keeps it (CNN Reliable Sources)

The first segment of this Reliable Sources, August 22 episode, has seen considerable play around the ol' blogosphere. (I will take credit or blame as you wish.) Michel Martin simply does not let host Howard Kurtz simplify or whitewash the New York mosque issue or the "Dr. Laura and the N-word" issue. She kicks serious butt all over the whole panel and takes no prisoners. And explains why the Dr. Laura thing has nothing to do with "debate" or the 1st Amendment better than most of us could. We need more of Michel, everywhere.

I'm still getting my fall classes going (students still come first, so there) and I hope this item, even if a repeat, has value for you.


Justice58 said...

Hello ProfGeo,

Michel Martin was so good & refreshing to see. She put it down & it felt good to see someone push back on the wing nuttery bullsh*t & rip it to shreds. Now that’s the kind of journalism I’m talking ’bout. I wanna see more of her!

ProfGeo, Shanti/Ametia & I started a new blog & a new adventure. Would you add us @ to your blogroll? We've got u down already. Drop in and chat for a minute.

Good Luck w/ your students! :)


ProfGeo said...

@Justice58: Whoa, that IS a new blog! The electrons are still warm! :-)

OK, you're on my blogroll. Thanks for adding me over at your place.

Constructive Feedback said...

Wow. I saw the very same video when it first aired and I noted that Michelle Martin feigned more outrage about Dr Laura saying the "N-word" than she ever cared to venture into the point that Dr Laura ultimate was making.

At a time when a new video by singer Cee Lo has 4 million downloads - after being pushed by White actor Ashton Kutcher(sp?) and yet no one makes note of the 2 "N-words" contained with in it - it comes as no surprise that Dr Laura was targeted in synch.