Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The 2010 Black Weblog Awards

Usually I don't pay any mind to awards. However, I gotta acknowledge when someone I know wins one in a domain I personally know to be difficult to navigate, like running a consistent blog over months and years. Even if the award winner is a person I just "cyber-know" as is the case here, someone I've been reading since the hoary old listserv days when text was king and people needed you to copy/paste Web page contents for them because they only had e-mail, and weren't quite sure about that browser stuff.

In other words, from before there were blogs.

And the winner of the Aaron Hawkins Award is…

Earl Dunovant!

Earl Dunovant is a web developer and political activist who has blogged at Prometheus 6 since January 2004. Dunovant is also a member of the Media Bloggers Association, has attended presidential debates as a credentialed blogger, and has been featured on NPR as part of News and Notes‘ Bloggers Roundtable.


Justice58 said...

Hello Professor,

Just dropped by to say hi. Are things going well for you & your students this fall? Hope so.

Things are not going well for me. I hate one of my classes. I absolutely hate it & it's too late to change or add a class. It's going to be a long semester.

Have a good one!

ProfGeo said...

Justice58, I'm seeing a lot of good news but several individuals are in the same fix you are. I hope your class at least meets a graduation requirement if you're going to suffer for a whole semester. If it doesn't, best to find one concept or topic in there that may be worthwhile and cling to that-- maybe become an expert at it just to stay motivated. In other words try not to let hating a class ruin your GPA.