Thursday, September 30, 2010

Grumpiness about Democrats, and I'm an independent

I was being a curmudgeon over at Prometheus6 this morning (something about coastal fog, knowing that the sun's out elsewhere). Commenter no1kstate was lamenting those wimpy Democrats (and I so fret that the phrase is becoming redundant):

So, what's the problem with the pros? Where's Donna Brazille?

Then I sez, I sez:

We don't expect (at this point) Clintonite Paul Begala to jump in on this, as he will still be employed regardless of who controls Congress. Maybe not Roland Martin either (he's sympathetic to black farmers at least but must never have known any) but somebody should be in somebody's face. Dang, I guess it's Rachel. The first 4 minutes of this is classic and should maybe be a top-level post, ahem ahem (I said I was in a mood):


Anonymous said...

This clearly shows your utter ignorance.

Roland Martin has mentioned this on his TV One show multiple times; on CNN; discussed it numerous times on Tom Joyner; written about it on; and pushed it on Twitter and Facebook.

That's how I know. Because I've seen him take the lead on this issue. Why don't you take the time to find that out before you print bullshit.

ProfGeo said...

@Anon: Well, I guess the comment system's working-- and I'm not the only grump today. If by "this" you mean the black farmers issue, fair enough. I know Roland Martin is on it, on his own show and elsewhere. Yep, I could have worded that better. If you mean the overall wimpy Democrat issue, I think his (and most pundit) CNN appearances aren't tough enough by a long shot. They're worried about getting invited back to chat with Anderson et al. They pretend the answers are as simple as his questions. If you have a counterexample of Martin getting tough on Dems, naming names as Maddow has done, post a link.