Friday, September 11, 2009

British PM passes the ultimate Turing test

I went back and forth with this for about 0.68 seconds, but it's on topic if I'm to live up to my charter. Also, Brown sets a new benchmark for how politicians should say they're sorry if they're gonna say it at all, a necessary lesson after Congressman "Joe" Wilson's pseudo-apology the other day.

PM's apology to codebreaker Alan Turing: we were inhumane
Caroline Davies
The Guardian, Friday 11 September 2009

Gordon Brown issued an unequivocal apology last night on behalf of the government to Alan Turing, the second world war codebreaker who took his own life 55 years ago after being sentenced to chemical castration for being gay.

Describing Turing's treatment as "horrifying" and "utterly unfair", Brown said the country owed the brilliant mathematician a huge debt. He was proud, he said, to offer an official apology. "We're sorry, you deserved so much better," Brown writes in a statement posted on the No 10 website.

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