Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When you're handed Van Jones, make lemonade

The Van Jones resignation continues to rub me the wrong way, as I posted over at P6. Let me be a bit parochial-- I'm biased in favor of Jones because of his former James Rucker/Color of Change connection, only two degrees of separation here in central California. I understand that people who work for Obama are supposed to be more respectful to the opposition than Rove and Cheney were, so Jones had to go.

Of all the post-resignation Van Jones stories, the one that whines the least is this one from AlterNet:

5 Reasons Why Van Jones and Progressives Are Better Off with Jones out of the White House
By Don Hazen, AlterNet. Posted September 7, 2009.

Here are the reasons, long version at the linked article.

1. Now He's a Household Name
2. He's Been Rescued From Obscurity [meaning an obscure wonky job]
3. He's the Leader Progressives Need
4. He Has a Renewed Charge to Speak the Truth
5. He Can Provide Real Vision and Organizing Framework

Oh, and the story that seemed to generate the most illiterate, racist comments per column-inch was Zennie Abraham's blog at sfgate.com.

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Anonymous said...

While you are firing people like Mr Jones, go ahead and fire Serena Williams from all tennis championships...and go broke. I do not condone bad tempers or fowl language, but I feel Ms Williams was at the boiling point of her frustration with American crowds cheering for every "barbie doll esque" Russian player on the court last week.