Friday, September 25, 2009

This was a no-brainer but they could have messed it up

I'm thinking the Cal State system could have begged off, claiming state budget issues, but honorary degrees don't cost anything except for the printing and the refreshments. (Been there, and yes, call me anything but late for lunch.) One might ask why the system waited until 2009, as there really was no down side... anyway, I'm glad they got to it.

CSU Grants Honorary Degrees to Japanese American Internees

The CSU Board of Trustees voted unanimously to grant honorary bachelor's degrees to Japanese Americans who were enrolled at CSU campuses and forced to internment camps during World War II. The first degree was awarded Sept. 23, 2009 to Aiko Nishi Uwate, a Japanese American woman who was removed from San Francisco State University and sent to Gila River relocation camp in Arizona. The posthumous degree was accepted by Uwate's daughter, Vivian Uwate Nelson, a resident of Los Angeles County.

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