Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Death of Proofreading: Kamal or Kamala?

Major news site typos are always amusing, unless you're the person whose name was misspelled. I assume the SFGate webmaster staff will fix the headline in the image below when somebody wakes up (it's early Sunday morning in this time zone). And I further assume they will apologize to Ms. Harris, the Chronicle regrets the error, etc. as there is NO WAY this is anything but a typo, certainly not an inebriated weekend staff trying to slip one by.

Actually, I'd expect the publisher & editor to call and apologize for this one, as they have just "typoed" their own endorsed candidate for Attorney General. One hopes this isn't an omen of some kind for the rest of the election cycle...


EDIT: They fixed it. The headline now reads:


A focused vision for attorney general

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