Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Next Blog" of the Week (May 16-22, 2010)

The sheep proudly raised their heads. "Justice!" they bleated in chorus. "Justice!"
     --Leonie Swann
As stated in previous weeks, I still don't have a clear pattern as to what happens when the Next Blog link at top of page is clicked. Could be that the Blogger algorithm just doesn't have a clear pattern of posts from me. Fair enough, it should take years to get inside my head. Be that as it may, a couple of days ago I clicked Next Blog and got a result that is fairly on topic for TOTF, so here we go.

Truth in Justice Files is an offshoot of the larger Truth in Justice site, the purpose of which is "to educate the public about the criminal conviction of wholly innocent people."

While the blog consists mostly of repurposed newspaper editorials about preventing and undoing wrongful convictions, with little new commentary, the main Truth in Justice site is broader in content. It consolidates cases and issues by category (e.g. death penalty, arson, junk science...) and includes a category I wasn't expecting: wrongfully convicted cops. Generally, you think about the police being in the power position and covering their own, but it doesn't always happen.

There's also a recommended reading list, which was more extensive than I thought it would be. Worth a look, even if you think you're up on this issue.

Oh, the quote at top of post is from a darned good ovine-based murder mystery called Three Bags Full. It's a bit out of context, as the sheep actually take charge of their own destiny and work the human-dominated system as they understand it quite well. Would that more people did the same...

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